“Many times it happens we live our life in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

~ Eagles

Known as a dynamic advisor, you will quickly discover that I am fueled by giving back and guiding individuals, groups and businesses to experience vibrant living in all aspects of work, life and play!  A veteran in personal development, business and healing, I have a proven track record of taking people and businesses beyond their paradigms.

In a Snapshot

Anchored in efficiency, I hold a keen eye for the seen and unseen, a refined ear for the spoken and unspoken, and an intuitive sense for the known and unknown to guide people and business into their true nature – their deepest and purest strength. You will benefit from my extensive set of skills, knowledge, intuition and practical experience spanning many aspects of ongoing business and life vitality.

Blessed with a rare, balanced blend of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity, I have a powerful multi-faceted perspective from over 30 years of expanded business roles as an end-user to technical developer and analyst, to an executive and advisor to a trainer, coach and consultant, across 23 industries. This cross-functional experience allows me to create harmony, cooperativeness, collaboration, cohesiveness and adaptability across diverse populations, as I easily toggle between strategic and tactical objectives.

Additionally, you will notice that I have a deep understanding of human behavior combined with an innate analytical and problem-solving inner geek. In working with me, you will find that I am an advocate of fun and deep belly laughs, as I strive to bring humor and a sense of play that puts you at ease, while weaving in truth and accountability.

Lynne M. White, CLSC, CWC, CDPC
Business Advisor | Consultant | Author

Years of Experience

A Lifelong Learner

Learning is a deep passion of mine! In 12th grade, I read The Winner’s Edge by Denis Waitley for my English class. This book opened up my world and was a primary stimulus for my deep study and growth in self-development and personal evolution for over 30 years now.

As a result, I have attended hundreds of training programs, educational seminars, classes and workshops in areas critical to business, wellbeing and personal development that have created a very broad and deep foundation of knowing. And, in the spirit of paying it forward, I have applied this vast scope of study to real life situations and modified them for effectiveness and efficiency with crazy success.

Specific to more formal education, I hold a M.S. in Management Marketing from the University of Maryland and a B.S. in Mathematical Statistics from the Pennsylvania State University. In addition, I am a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC), Certified Design Psychology Coach (CDPC), Certified Life Strategies Coach (CLSC), as well as a completing certifications as a Corporate Wellness Coach and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

A Personal Journey

We all know the benefit from working with someone who has experienced the fears, the anxiety, the excitements, the challenges, and other kaka of what we are trying to accomplish. I have lived (and continue to live) the journey, which allows me to come from a place of empathy, triumphant and know-how in supporting you.

Admittedly, at times, it is difficult to break old habits, ways and behaviors, and trust the process unfolding. That said, I know first-hand the ease, joy, peace and prosperity that every step of achieving a higher level of transformation, consciousness and well-being brings, personally and professionally. There is simply no way to “tell people” what is on the other side. It is very experiential and you just have to choose to do the work to get there and experience the joy, peace and abundance.

To get a better sense of who I am, please visit my LinkedIn profile for more details of my quickly progressing career in Corporate America, the 15 successful years running my own firm, and other related credentials. Review my education, training and certifications, as well as read recommendations from client, employers, co-workers, peers and staff.

Publications & Books

As a sought after expert, I have been an author, co-author and ghost writer for more than 19 years having been published articles in magazines, business journals and other trades, as well as one of 50 industry experts in the Engaging Wellness book and several e-books.

Awards & Nominations

Throughout my career, I have been blessed to receive 12 nominations and awards for exceptional performance and expertise from industry groups, employers and leading trade organizations.

While social media like twitter, Facebook, etc., have their place and value in business and in life, at this time, I’ve chosen not to utilize them. That said, I do work with them for my clients and have a different view on how to leverage them effectively without them being all consuming.

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