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Is your group struggling to play nice in the sandbox?
Are they throwing toys, gossiping or pulling hair?
Can communication improve?
Maybe you just see a greater potential for them?

We humans are a goofy bunch! When we play in the sandbox of life as teams, departments, associations, families, friends or similar settings where there are three or more people – anything goes! However, believe it or not, the group dynamics that surface are reasonably predictable and definitely manageable.
Don’t get thrown off track or stuck from group dynamics.forgroups

What is Group Advising?
Designed for three or more people, Group Advising is excellent for productive strategy sessions, team building, stimulating collaboration, improving communication, and developing a deeper level of cohesiveness. You will find my expertise in personality types, generational nuances, gender subtleties, and cultural sensitivities allows for quick insights into dynamics that are not commonly seen.

Through a comprehensive background in human behavior and psychology, my approaches transform groups where individuality is honored inside of everyone being highly cooperative, healthy and productive. Ideal for associations, franchises, businesses of all sizes and from any industries, sports teams, and other cooperation-based groups, you choose from training, coaching, consulting or Nature Games.

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"Growth Guidance, Education, Motivation and Support Tidbits for Ongoing Vitality."

Are You a Duck, a Rabbit, a Squirrel or an Eagle?

In the fable, The Animal School written by George Reavis in 1940s, the animals of the Great Forest decide to do something herioc to save the new world. They start a school and standardized learning to swimming, running, flying, and climbing for all the animals. The ducks must learn to run with webbed feet, the squirrels to fly with paws, the rabbits to swim and the eagles to climb. None of the animals do well in the areas that are not truly who they are at their core. Each of them even experiences their core strengths suffering to a level of medocrity, which is accepted.

Think about who the ducks, rabbits, squirrels and eagles are in your organization and how you may best use their natural, unique strengths rather than trying to get the same level of average performance out of all of them. Let them be true to their nature, build a team of collaborating strengths and transform the vitality of their lives and performance. Oh, and consider reading The Animal School in its entirety. It's pure joy! ~ Lynne


"Like a Girl - Unstoppable."

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Words matter. Language sets intention. Just watch the video to experience how deeply."

Do we limit girls and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be? Do we box them into expected roles?

72% of girls DO feel society limits them — especially during puberty — a time when their confidence totally plummets. Always is on an epic battle to keep confidence high during puberty & beyond. We’re on a roll, and we’re not stopping! Now, we’re spreading that word that girls everywhere can be unstoppable #LIKEAGIRL when they smash limitations. We need your help. Join us. Watch, share and champion the girls you love to be unstoppable #LIKEAGIRL.

"Mutant Message Down Under"

by Marlo Morgan

MutantMessageDownUnderBookCover Mutant Message Down Under is the fictional account of an American woman's spiritual odyssey through outback Australia. An underground bestseller in its original self-published edition, Marlo Morgan's powerful tale of challenge and endurance has a message for us all. Summoned by a remote tribe of nomadic Aborigines to accompany them on a walkabout through 1,400 miles of rugged desert terrain, the woman makes a four-month-long journey and learns how they thrive in natural harmony with the plants and animals that exist in the rugged lands of Australia's bush. From the first day of her adventure, Morgan is challenged by the physical requirements of the journey—she faces daily tests of her endurance, challenges that ultimately contribute to her personal transformation. By traveling with this extraordinary community, Morgan becomes a witness to their essential way of being in a world based on the ancient wisdom and philosophy of a culture that is more than 50,000 years old.